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These are the small necessaries! They are the little items that we need to complete our projects and that, for the most part, become part of the collection of small tools that we keep in a little notions pouch tucked inside the project bag. 

Cocoknits Triangle Stitch Markers

Our new Triangle Stitch Markers are designed with an angled shape to stand out from your knitting. They slide easily along your needle, and the bold black & white colors...


Cocoknits Row Counter

The Cocoknits row counter has been designed with these exclusive features: a steel back so you can attach the row counter to your Knitter's Keep or Magnetic Concrete Tray windows that magnify the...


Cocoknits Maker's Keep

Keep your metal bits and tools close at hand with the Maker's Keep. The silicone slap bracelet sports a brushed steel-plated magnet, has measuring lines for inches and centimeters on the...


Cocoknits Bamboo Cable Needles

This array of Bamboo Cable Needles is used for holding stitches while working cables in your designs. When not in use, place them on your Maker's Keep magnetic bracelet or Magnetic...

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Cocoknits Colored Mini Markers

These are the mini version of our popular ring stitch markers. They are brightly colored and easily seen when marking rounds, increases, decreases, and stitch patterns. Made of nylon coated...


Cocoknits Opening Colored Stitch Markers

These colored opening markers accommodate up to a US 11 needle. Included are 10 each of 6 more muted colors to help you keep track of your knitting. When not...


Cocoknits Snip

NOTE: New packaging - now with a leather tip protector in a hanging kraft box with window. This rustic, one-piece snip is made of forged black steel and now comes with...


Cocoknits Stitch Stoppers

Keep your stitches on your needles with these little foam stoppers. Designed by knitters for knitters, pliable EVA foam allows stoppers to slide all the way down your needle to...


Cocoknits Stitch Fixer

This handy little tool is a double-headed crochet hook that can be used to pick up dropped stitches. The Stitch Fixer is a US size D / 3mm and works...

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Cocoknits Colored Stitch Markers

These are the larger version of our popular ring stitch markers. They are brightly colored and easily seen when marking rounds, increases, decreases, and stitch patterns. Made of nylon coated steel. Stitch markers...

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Cocoknits Gauge Cloth

Use this cloth under or over your hand-knits while blocking to ensure correct measurements. Gingham checks have been woven to 1" squares for use as a two-dimensional ruler. Lay the...


Brick Bubble Leather Bag Handles

Leather Straps for Bags - Set of 2 Handles 20"