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Sirdar began as a wool spinning company in 1880 and grew into a design house with other yarn brands under its label. We love the quality.

Sirdar – a passion for design

Over the years fashion has played an important part in our development and we have built up the most amazing design archive – from the necessity of the 1940’s wartime knitter (who wanted to knit something quite glamorous as well as helping the war effort), through the fair isles and space dyes of the 1970’s, the batwings and mohairs of the 1980’s, up to the present day – Sirdar has created something from every fashion movement and our design archive is incredibly diverse.

With pride in their heritage and in-house craftsmanship, Sirdar continues to innovate in all areas of hand knittomg and is committed to providing irresistible, quality yarns and the best in hand knit design.