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Eisaku Noro & Co Ltd (known worldwide as Noro) is a Japanese yarn company that strives to produce yarn that is natural and gentle to people and nature. Noro has always been particular in selecting raw materials from nature, and ensuring that the milling process doesn't remove any of the natural properties of the fibre. Impurities in the raw wool are carefully removed by hand without the use of chemicals or machines.

Noro is known around the world for the unique blends of fibre and their special colourways. And their yarn is hand spun, with the colour changes made by lining up yarn lengths by hand as well. This results in a yarn with "thick and thin" gauge as well as lightness and softness. As handspun yarn, you may find that your colour sequence changes unexpectedly and/or that you find a knot (or two) in your ball. Consider this part of the charm in a yarn that is treated gently and where a high priority is set on making yarn by hand as much as possible. 

Noro Kumo


Noro Sonata


Noro Tennen


Noro Kureyon