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Gifts for Knitters

Whether you're buying a gift for a new knitter or supplementing the healthy stash of an experienced knitter, we've got suggestions for you.

Original Art by Sabrina

Sabrina Humeniuk is a local artist (and RCY staff member). She has been experimenting with Dot Art or Pointillism, a painting technique using small, distinct dots of colour applied in patterns...


Skacel Stitch Marker Charm Bracelet

These stainless steel bracelets (no polishing required) come in two sizes and are preloaded with 6 knitting chart symbol charms. Extra sets of progress keepers can be added as well as your favourite...

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Brick Bubble Leather Bracelet

These leather bracelets come with two snap rivets for sizing, a variety of cool colours and "cheeky" sayings that are a favourite amoung our knitters.


Brick Bubble RCY Key Chain

 These Brick Bubble leather key tags are so sweet! Use them for keys or pull tags or zipper pulls. Clip your locking stitch markers to them. They come with a...


RCY Tea Bag - Silicone

This silicone tea bag is the perfect reusable tea bag for loose tea. Pop off the bottom, fill the bag and pop it into your hot water. Easy to clean...



Interpretations is a design collaboration between 2 knitting friends from opposite sides of the world: Veera Välimäki and Joji Locatelli. Veera is in Finland, Joji is in Argentina. Each year they choose 6...

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RCY Knitter's Notebook

No project bag is complete without a cute and compact notebook! These little books come with three different cheeky sayings on the front: "Wool is an essential part of a high-fibre diet",...


Mrs. Brown's Zippered Wedge Large

We love Mrs. Brown's Bags! These locally made bags are well made, unique and fun. Don't know what to get your fibre friend for a gift? Buy this bag and...


Addi Click Mixed set

Cynthia's favourite: "I love my Addi interchangeable needles and I really love the idea of having a mixed set (half lace tips, half turbo tips) and the wonderful "Save Our...

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Churchmouse Patterns Classroom

Learn to Knit! Learn to Crochet. You can do both, on your own or with a friend and a little "resourceful" help from our friends at Churchmouse Yarns & Tea....

From CA$13.00

Locking Stitch Markers

These Clover locking stitch markers are our personal favourite! We have them in every tool kit we own. The "small" size fits on knitting needles up to 8.0mm and come...


Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant Silver

Yarn can be cut using any of the grooves. Rotary cutting blade is integrated with pendant, making it safe to use.