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Drops Kid Silk

DROPS Kid Silk is feather light and will give garments a sophisticated look and luxurious feel, whether used alone or held together with other yarns. The delicate colour palette pairs...


Drops Karisma

DROPS Karisma is soft and comfortable to the skin, yet sturdy and stable, which has led to its becoming one of the most popular yarns in the DROPS lineup since its first...


Drops Alpaca Boucle

DROPS Alpaca Bouclé has been spun in a boucle style (French for "loop"), referring to the small loops along the length of the strand that give this yarn its characteristic...


Drops Fabel Print

DROPS Fabel Print is hard-wearing, as a sock yarn must be, and machine washable, so it's easy to care for. And compared to normal sock yarns, Fabel is spun out...


Drops Merino Extra Fine

DROPS Merino Extra Fine is cable-spun from extrafine merino fibers gathered from free-range sheep in South America. Its springy texture and smooth structure is gentle on the skin and works up...


Drops Alpaca Mix

DROPS Alpaca Mix is an extremely soft and versatile yarn in 100% South American alpaca. The fabric created by this yarn is very warm, cozy, and swingy, and it's even...


Drops Nepal

DROPS Nepal is a warm, dense wool/alpaca blend. It's amazing for sweaters (you'll feel so cozy!) and since it comes in smaller balls, Nepal is also the perfect yarn for...