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Laine No. 5

Laine is a high-quality Nordic knit & lifestyle magazine for knit folks. The publishers cherish natural fibres, slow living, local craftsmanship and beautiful, simple things in life. The intention is to inspire you to...

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Knitted Golf Club Covers

20 quick and easy, creative golf head cover patterns for the golfer in your life.In this collection of twenty golf head covers to knit, Susie Johns brings you traditional and...


Teeny Tiny Mochi Mochi

It’s an indisputable fact: Everything is cuter in miniature. And while it’s true that knitted toys are cute to begin with, they’re even more adorable when they’re tiny.In Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi, designer...

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Adventures in Mochi-Mochi Land

What do a talking doughnut, a crabby politician, and a lovelorn balloon have in common? They're all citizens of the candy-colored knitted world known as Mochimochi Land. Adventures in Mochimochi...


Rainbow Crocheted Afghans

Amanda Perkin's bold and inspiring use of colour and pattern gives stunning results that are deceptively easy to achieve. This colourful book of crochet contains illustrated block-by-block guides to creating ten...


Cast On, Bind Off

Now, in one extraordinary book, have at your fingertips more than 120 ways to cast on and more than 80 ways to bind off. This beautifully organized treasure is ideal...


Knitting Outside the Box by Bristol Ivy

Grab your knitting needles and take a peek into the mind of one of the knitting world’s most innovative designers with Knitting Outside the Box by Bristol Ivy. You’ll know Bristol’s classic tailoring and...


Rib Magazine No. 3

Rib Magazine's third issue ALCHEMY is now available! This issue has patterns from new and returning designers including Lars Rains, Ella Gordon, Alice Caetano, Fiona Ellis, Cecelia Campochiaro, and Amy Meeks, along with articles by...


Lang Smilla Book

This pattern book features 8 exceptionally fun and easy to create designs that perfectly highlight the playful aspect of Smilla.


Kindred Knits

A collection inspired by little ones, Kindred Knits by Susan B. Anderson features a variety of simple knits for baby and child including a variety of cardigans, a hat and blanket, mini-sweater...


Knitting Mochimochi

Toys, people! Who doesn't love toys? They make you smile, give you something to squeeze and hug, and can even sit on the couch and watch TV with you. But...


Rib Magazine No. 2

Rib Magazine's exciting second issue NAVIGATE is now available! With four garment designs from Irina Anikeeva, Fiona Ellis, Catrina Frost and Annie Lupton, as well as four accessory designs by Benjamin...